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SOMA PILL 500mg: The Pain Relieving Medicine

Soma pill
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October 16, 2018
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SOMA PILL 500mg: The Pain Relieving Medicine

“Health is wealth” as the saying goes. Does wealth have any value if your health is not good? The answer is NO. You can only work hard, earn your living and climb up the ladder of success only when your health allows you to do so. For that, you need to have good health. Unfortunately, even if people today take proper care of their health and have become quite health conscious, there are diseases which though not serious, make a person weak affects their body in the long run.

One such disease is Body pain or muscle pain which have affected almost every people at some point of time or the other. Each and every people have felt that pinch of pain in their life. People do take to exercise to get relief from this, but it is in the long run. To get instant relief from the pain, people switch to painkillers. There are many painkillers in the market, but Soma pill has proved to be the best in the market for treating this disease of muscle pain or Body pain. This painkiller is not strong as compared to the other painkillers and provides instant relief to the patient. You can buy Soma Pill 500 mg online at an affordable rate.


Soma pill is the brand version of generic Carisoprodol and is a prescription drug which is marketed since 1959. This drug was approved by the Food and Drug Administration in the year 2007. This drug belongs to the group of drugs known as muscle relaxants. The half-life of Soma pill is 2.5 hours. This pain medicine works by blocking the pain sensation between the nerves and the brain. It works best along with physical therapy and rest. It is an effective painkiller. Soma pill is a combination of three ingredients – Carisoprodol, Aspirin, and Codeine. Of these, Carisoprodol is the main or active ingredient.  This pill is available in 350 mg and 500 mg. This medicine is available at online pharmacy stores. You can buy it from online pharmacy pills.

This pill comes in white round shape and either of the sides is encrypted as SOMA 500.


To get relief from any health issue, taking medicine in a proper way is very important. Thus, Soma pill should also be taken very carefully otherwise it may show a negative reaction on a person’s health. Some rules that are to be followed while taking this medicine are as follows –

  • A person can take this pill with or without food.
  • You should take Soma pill three to four times a day or as directed by the physician.
  • To get the best results, you should take this pill with proper rest and physical therapy.
  • This pill should not be taken for more than three weeks.


Some of the benefits of using Soma pill are –

  • It is a muscle relaxant and provides instant relief to a person suffering from muscle pain.
  • Soma pill decreases scar tissues for more productive and active muscles.
  • It provides relief to chronic pain.
  • The pain medicine also helps in the increase of appetite
  • On doing regular exercise along with taking this pill to provide an instant solution to the problem of body pain.
  • It is the best painkiller for daily use.
  • It has fewer side effects as compared to other painkillers.
  • This main medicine is very effective in curing the acute pain of the injury.

Soma pill


Some of the side effects of using this medicine can be –

  • Drowsiness
  • A headache
  • Dizziness

In some extreme conditions like swelling of lips, tongue, throat and face redness of eyes, difficulty in breathing, hallucinations, fever, faster heart rate, nausea, vomiting, fainting, the doctor should be immediately consult and the use of this drug should be stopp immediately.


Some basic precautions are –

  • You should consult the docotor before using this medicine.
  • This drug must not be used during the period of pregnancy.
  • Persons below 18 years of age must not use this drug
  • This drug should not be taken with other medicines such as sleeping pills, narcotic pain medicine, medicine prescribed for a cough, etc. if taken along with these medicines, and then it might lead to the serious reaction which sometimes may prove fatal.
  • The use of Soma pill must be avoided with alcohol and other addictive drugs. Doing so might harm the individual severely.
  • You should not share the medicine with others.
  • Only a prescribed medical practitioner can suggest using this medicine.

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