More Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Trying to Tackle Diseases Associated With Aging

People are living longer lives than ever before, but they are not always remaining as healthy as most would hope. Living to be eighty, ninety, or even a hundred years old can seem like an accomplishment in its own right, but many who do so enjoy very little quality of life through their advanced years.

Entrepreneurs like Jim Plante are busy looking for ways to address and overcome the aging-related illnesses that now impact the lives of so many people. Using technology to find new, effective solutions is proving to be an especially powerful approach.

Tech Increasingly Helps Manage and Cure Diseases Associated With Aging

It is to be expected that any person’s body will become less resilient and more susceptible to diseases the longer it endures into adulthood. While a certain amount of deterioration is essentially unavoidable, tactics like staying active and engaged help people remain healthier for longer.

Even so, there are a number of serious conditions that become more and more likely to develop the longer a person lives. Some of these have proved particularly difficult for modern medicine to address, frequently despite vast amounts of resources being devoted to related research.

A new wave of entrepreneurs is seeking to make targeted breakthroughs by leveraging technology more effectively. Some of the conditions that these investors and technology experts are focusing on are:

  • Alzheimer’s. The progressive disorder Alzheimer’s has been described as one of the most traumatic for loved ones of those affected to endure. Watching a beloved relative or other person slowly succumb to Alzheimer’s-induced dementia can be almost unbearable. Unfortunately, very little progress has been made with regard to treating this aging-related disease, although some hope that the judicious application of technology will make a difference.
  • Cancer. The older a person becomes, the more likely it is that cells within the body will spontaneously mutate and become cancerous. Damage to genetic information that accumulates over time makes many kinds of cancer more likely to develop with every passing year, but technology could yield a solution.

Many More Diseases Await Technologically Enabled Cures

With plenty of other conditions also increasingly affecting those who live to advanced ages, any progress that can be made by technological means will be welcome. Entrepreneurs who are dedicated to doing everything possible to help are bringing hope to millions.