Is Your Mouth In Need of Restoration Services?

There are many dental issues that can arise in a person’s life and lead to them being unhappy with the appearance of their smile. When these problems arise, seeking a complete dental reconstruction can bring back normal function and improve the appearance of a person’s smile. With advancements in dental science, more and more cosmetic and functional issues are can be treated by dentists. Those who are facing multiple issues with their smile need to continue reading so they can discover more information.

Why Would Someone Need Mouth Restoration?

Mouth restoration treatments are aimed to help people who have lost function, are experiencing pain, or who are ashamed of their appearance. There are many cosmetic and functional issues that can be treated with a restoration, including the following.

  • Missing teeth due to injury or disease
  • Misaligned jaws or TMJD
  • Worn teeth due to grinding or acidic foods and beverages
  • Problems with bite
  • Stained and damaged teeth
  • Teeth that are decayed and painful

Before the process starts, the individual needs to schedule an appointment for a consultation. During this appointment, the individual will fill out a health history, have their mouth X-rayed, and have a full examination carried out. The dentist will work with a team of professionals to draw up a plan of care that addresses all of the patient’s oral health and cosmetic concerns.

What Happens During Restoration?

The restoration process is focused on helping the patient overcome their cosmetic and functional dental issues so their smile works more effectively and is more attractive. The process can take a few weeks to months, depending on the unique needs of the individual.

There are many steps involved in the process. The first step will be to address the physical health of the patient’s mouth and take care of any treatments that need to be carried out. Functional treatments will be taken care of next and these include fixing the jaw alignment or addressing worn jaw joints.

The patient will also go through aesthetic treatments to help individuals improve the appearance of their smiles. From teeth whitening to crowns, there are multiple treatment options available.