Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2009: Education And Information Events: Part 2

Water-borne pathogens are disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and protozoa you can get from impure water. Protozoa are hard-shelled, single-cell parasites, or cysts, that range from 2 to 15 microns in size. The giardia lamblia cyst is one of the most common water-borne parasites in the United States. Cryptosporidium is also a protozoa, and cryptosporidiosis exhibits symptoms similar to giardiasis, including diarrhea, fatigue, fever, weight loss, nausea, and vomiting. Bacteria are smaller than protozoa, and range in size from .2 to 10 microns. They include E. coli and salmonella. Viruses are even smaller at .004 to .1 microns, and carry diseases like hepatitis.

I so desperately wanted this new magical pill to solve my mental anguish. The medication helped, but clearly was not the answer to my every prayer. I tried talking to a counselor which helped significantly. But, with the necessary medication just out of reach, I was devastated. I took my meds faithfully and tried the counseling. I underwent the medical tests to rule out other problems. Still, I was failing.

Talk to an expert: An expert can be a doctor or a counselor. He or she may be able to give you sound advice about treatments. There might be a prescription medicine that will work for you. Check your local health department or social services agencies as they are likely to offer help. They have resources to trained counselors who know about alcoholism and support groups with similar problems.

Some schools have “live lice” policies. Once a child begins scratching his or her hair, the teachers or the school nurse will check the child’s hair. Nits and live lice love the area near the neck line, by the way. A child with live lice will not be allowed to remain at school, but a child with nits is able to stay. If your child’s school has this policy, education is even more critical as live lice can hatch from nits at any time.

Maintenance. You are the one that will have to look after all those pesky little issues.toilets, sinks, leaks, mildew, electrical problems, etc. If you have to hire someone every time something goes wrong, it can get expensive.

Starting June 3 and continuing through Aug. 5, the Parks Department will set a course in Woods Creek Lake off Indian Trail Beach, 228 Indian Trail, Lake in the Hills, for open water swimming training. A 3-mile running course will wind through the hills around the lake. The Parks Department has dubbed the sessions Stroke and Stride.

However, money is the only thing that our justice system allows us to recover when an injured victim sues their wrongdoer. While those comments above may all be true, we are prohibited from taking justice into our own hands. Therefore, what else can we obtain for the injured victim? Money is the only thing that allows us to pay the medical bills that were generated as a result of the wrongdoing. Money is going to make the victim more financially secure. Money will help the injured victim with ongoing medical care and rehabilitation. The injured victim will not be a burden on a city or governmental handout. Money will help his children go to school or camp. Money may help with modifications needed in his home- such as a wheelchair ramp or modified kitchen appliances.