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Professional-Grade Supplements: Bridging the Gap between Nutritional Needs and Dietary Deficiencies

More than three billion people’s diets are sorely lacking in nutritional value according to a recent report from the health and wellness sector. Countless others are suffering from various vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These issues are leading to malnutrition, obesity, and a wide range of serious medical problems. In many cases, this lack of proper nutrition is the result of Read More

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More Tech-Savvy Entrepreneurs Are Trying to Tackle Diseases Associated With Aging

People are living longer lives than ever before, but they are not always remaining as healthy as most would hope. Living to be eighty, ninety, or even a hundred years old can seem like an accomplishment in its own right, but many who do so enjoy very little quality of life through their advanced years. Entrepreneurs like Jim Plante are Read More